January 1 Edit

Gnick Edit

Yo, Big M! I've got something to tell you

Mr. Hardwick over at Sinister Structure Supplies says that if we don't pay our bill, he's going to send a few ogres over to have a little chat. What should I do, boss?

January 2 Edit

Gnick Edit

I'm really sorry that my boys borrowed your Stealth Sneakers. Although they told me that they have returned them only Gnorbert could remember where he returned them to. He said he put a pair on Level 2 in the hidden room. The room is in the southeast corner of the level. To open it up push the hidden Push Button. It will slide aside revealing a passage leading to the room.

Gnick Edit

Boss, I can't seem to find the hidden tunnel on the second floor. Would you come down and take a look

I looked in the southwest, but it wasn't there

Where is it

I'll be down here for the next two hours

January 12 Edit

Gnick Edit

Boss we've got a problem with the valve door on Level 12. It's not that the thing is broken it's just that every time we get near it that nasty Sludgemeen shows up and starts flinging ooze at us! Isn't there something we can do about it? I hope you know which one to turn because if you do it any other way something nasty happens. Good luck.

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